The Cathars made a great contribution to European culture, cementing the foundations of their most eminent achievements: Raimon Llull, Leonardo da Vinci, Miguel de Cervantes, Shakespeare, Voltaire, Beethoven are some of the brightest representatives of the spiritual catharism.

Catharism greatly influenced democratic processes both in Europe and around the world. American democracy wouldn't exist without the Cathars. And today's democracy needs to be nourished again by the Cathar root. Juan de San Grial focuses on the Cathars not from a historical point of view but is discovering The Cathars who today continue to come down from the sky.

Statesmen, governors, representatives of culture and art of our day must understand that wisdom desires to inoculate the new and true universal images, the archetypal values that have governed and govern in pure, prosperous civilizations and where Decadence has no place. Universal spirituality based on the pillars that sustain a people of enduring peace must form the basis of the democratic processes that are taking place in Europe and throughout the world.

John's perspective and vision of history, culture and the future is unique. From his point of view, the human being is an invaluable treasure within which is the fullness of divinity. He discovers countless spiritual riches, known both to the Cathars and by other peoples who have been an inexhaustible source of wisdom and perfection. Looking back at these truths becomes indispensable today in a world that yearns to become a "good world" again.

Freedom is perceived as a creative discovery of the personal spiritual potential of each and every inhabitant of the earth. Equality is a very important gift, to consider all sons and daughters from all over the world equal. Fraternity is a wonderful and magnificent dialogue of love where each individual considers himself a brother in a great universal family. Love is essential, sincere, selfless love, it is the love that provides the soul with an unparalleled joy to no other experienced before.

Thus, the Cathars are a breath of fresh air that opens the doors to a new world, a world capable of returning to its beautiful origins thanks to the recovery of archetypal values forgotten but inherent to the human being.

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