Much has been written about the Medieval Cathars. Although there are really very few sources left that come from the real Cathars, but there is something very evident of their existence and it is the rich heritage that they left where they lived. The values of democracy, freedom, equality and fraternity were printed and left a seed that is currently flourishing.

They were good Women and men, who believed in pure love, which was oblivious to this world, a love unknown to humanity and which the great anointed like Christ, Buddha, Zoroaster, Mani… brought to Earth to multiply it. Therefore, his whole life was under the highest virtues of goodness, wisdom, love, peace, harmony. It wasn't a religion or a philosophy, it was a way of life. His spirituality encompassed all walks of life from his behavior to his food, his music, art, way of working, relationships, etc.

The Catalanism spread throughout the ancient Occitania (south of France), Kingdom of Aragon, Navarre, Italy, Germany and Flanders from the 11th century to the early 14th century. Catarism is a direct heir to the Slavic Theogamites and the Balkan Bogomilos, and even beyond, comes from Atlantis and from pure civilizations that populated the Earth, such as Arcadia, Hyperborea, Aztecs, Maya, Egyptians… Very high civilizations that have existed on this planet and who absolutely did not know the language of evil.

The Cathars shared their goods, lived with humility and simplicity, served their neighbour, welcomed everyone, fed the needy, gave work in their craft workshops, comforted and cared for the sick. They lived according to the statutes of univérsum: unbound goodness, perfect purity, sacred love, and supertling wisdom, and hence a peaceful people found millions of followers throughout the world who shared these lofty ideals. More than 50 million Cathars spread throughout Spain and all of Europe. In all those places where cathode flourished, it was lived in a totally different way than was at the time. They lived in societies ahead of their time with material and spiritual prosperity that they did not know in neighboring feudal societies.

The laurel has greened
The laurel has greened

Because of this wonderful and growing way of life the existing power saw its foundations falter and carried out the crusade against them on the initiative of Pope Innocent III with the support of the French Capetos dynasty. But something very important in which traditional history does not usually deepen was the strength and development with which Catharism occurred in Spain and Catalonia. There lived the last Perfect Cathars, such as Guillem de Bélibaste, which was burned at the stake in the castle of Villerouge-Termens in 1321. Before he died he said his famous prediction: "In seven hundred years the laurel will green, the Cathars will return to Earth." And now, seven hundred years later, THE LAUREL HAS REVERTED!

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