It is well known the power that music has over our inner state, music can encourage all our emotions, and besides, and most importantly, it intervenes in our soul.

Today we would like to make a reflection. What do you think happens to the human being when he listens to the current music (the most listened to today by humanity): disco, techno, rock, pop, heavy, reggaeton…?

It becomes necessary to know that there are many hidden interests behind this type of music both economic, control, power and influence in the great masses, and most importantly, to lessen the vibration of the subtle bodies of each person.

Music, like other types of art, without spirituality leads to perversion, loss of orientation, total degradation and extinction, which we unfortunately observe today. What does this mean? That music without kindness, damages. The music, without well, it gets worse. Music without concepts, values, without good goals… can't help at all. There is music capable of making everyone who listens to it violent, porn-erotize it, turn it into a sea of tears saddening it with the cloud of Tanatos, leading it to self-control.

Scientist Masuro Emoto discovered how water changed its structure in the face of one type of music or another. With rock music, techno… the crystals of the frozen water became completely irregular adopting unstructured forms. Instead, classical music formed crystals of harmonious and beautiful shapes.

Science also talks about 'the theory of superstrings', which states that the universe is made up of vibrations of fine strings. The universe is full of divine vibrations that convey the pure love of the heavenly spheres, which reach every human being. The spiritual heart, hearing these vibrations, enlivens the memory of that love and can recognize it to the extent that it is in tune with those vibrations.

Thus, music carrying the heavenly spheres becomes the key to tuning souls, awakening hearts. Music is divine Word free of barriers, it is the language of divinity. But the musician must be a transmitter of such divine vibrations, a direct instrument of divinity.

The music of the great composers forms the sense of spiritual love. Only one who is full of love can interpret it properly.

Man needs the music of highly enlightened people, bearers of the sphere! Only the music of the messengers above can help bring people out of the abyss in which they are and direct them to unprecedented heights, to open up another world to them, full of heavenly harmonies.

The great music educates, gives a powerful impulse to the soul. Music performed by high-initiation musicians purifies man, makes him more kind, directs him to spirituality, helps him open his heart for compassion, helps him feel another person's pain as his own, helps him discover the inner beauty.

The very perception of music is transferred to the acoustics of the heart, if the heart is pure.

The musical school of John of St. Grail teaches how to interpret with the vibration of the spiritual heart, where it is intended to achieve the noblest goal of a musician: to serve humanity by opening the divine spheres, as did the musical Christs Bach, Mozart , Beethoven, Tchaikosvsky… Play that music capable of elevating and divinizing the human being through love.


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