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John of The Grail is undoubtedly a prominent personality: a mystic of the highest rank, a remarkable thinker and a brilliant writer. More than 500 books and treatises of divine inspiration flowed from his pen. It amazes with an inexhaustible source of wisdom and the penetrating voice of the last truth.

John of st. Grail was born in Russia in 1946. From an early age he rejected Bolshevik ideals. He received an excellent musical education and was a renowned and talented young poet. He was expected to pursue a career as a writer, poet or musician, but he left everything to become a pilgrim: he wanted to know God and the truth.

He traveled to many temples and monasteries, through many lands. He was looking for teachers and guides to fulfill this purpose and in Ukraine he found Eufrosinia. Mother Eufrosinia belonged to the branch of catacombs of Bogomilos. She belonged to the branch of the Martyrs who had been persecuted for centuries.

The spiritual elders of the church of the catacombs initiated John of St. Grail in the Bogomila gnosis. He eventually became responsible for the secret branch of the Church of the Martyrs.

He began his service in the 1980s where he established a Bogomila Mariana community in the early 1990s after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Since then, its followers have established many Bogosute and Cathar communities in different countries.

Some of Juan Bogomilo's books are translated into English, Spanish, Croatian, German and other languages.

Juan Bogomilo supports the theory that medieval catharism was the source of the European Reformation and democracy.

The followers of John of San grail restore the culture of medieval troubadours and troubadours.

Now, after many years, the Association for the Study of Cathar Culture restores the Cathars.

The main theme of John of St. Grail is Solovki's Golgotha, where more than 100,000 of the martyrs, according to their vision, repeated the earthly feat of our Christ, to respond with love and kindness in the midst of evil. Complete oblivion threatened them, the martyrs of GULAG. But they found the greatest bliss after their re-evaluation of values and voluntary consent to take martyrdom.

The anointed believes in pure love as the greatest treasure. "There are many ways for God: John Bogomil teaches, but the way of love is the most wonderful and wonderful." Only those who can follow it, who take the seals of virginity and yearn for the cross. Other ways are just a preparation for the way of love." How much the candle lit with love in the heart should be lit to proclaim the way of virginal love.

Each of his speeches, books, and revelations is a new and unique word that is revealed to humanity each time as the first. Any meeting with him transfigures, ennobles: apparently in no way a remarkable and ordinary person becomes a reverbered into an angel of a beautiful face, shaken to the bottom of his heart by the revelation of the ineffable beauty of the supernatural wisdom.

Most importantly, what you can learn from John Bogomil is the exorbitant love for people. After being enlightened by this, you begin to understand how mysterious and beautiful a human being is in the eyes of a kind and loving Father.





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