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La visión Cátara

The catarists constituted a unique civilization whose basis was formed by the absolute certainty that the human being is good by nature despite the apparent evil.

Upcoming Activities


September 2019

Barcelona. Weekly practice songs and talk.

Wednesday from 18:30-19:30


September 2019

Barcelona. Conference: The Recovery of Pure Consciousness, Pure Mind, Pure Heart in the New Age

Thursday from 19:30 – 20:30

"Long for goodness, and good
ness will heal all sicknesse
s, and grant peace, and well-bei
ng, and joy, and neighbours
, and eternal life."

                                                                                                                                                    Juan de San Grial

Cathism had great splendor in the Middle Ages and the Association for the Study of Cathar Culture studies, recovers and promotes its universal values. We work in numerous areas and with various projects, in a non-profit way, for the knowledge of the peaceful ways of life that have existed throughout history throughout the world.

The Cathars were one of these peaceful peoples who lived in Spain between the 10th and 13th centuries and developed a way of life whose nature can be called that of perfection seen from the prism of peace, harmony, prosperity… Medieval Cathars represented around a decadent society an example of a perfect society of great splendor.

We rescued the keys under which this and other peoples managed to live in a commendable and emulation way by a world immersed in a global crisis of values, a world with an uncertain course and very unencouraging for humanity. The existence of this perfect way of life is not a 'utopia', it is a reality. These peoples existed, they have always existed, but their memory has been deliberately erased or misrepresented.

La Asociación

The Association for the Study of Cathar Culture, is the union of hearts from where we work to spread the principles and ideals of Catarism, a great movement that arrived, from the Slavic countries (where it was called Bogomilismo) in the 10th century, to the ancient region of Occitania, located in the southeast of France and northeast of Spain, spreading throughout Spain and other parts of Europe. Currently the Qatars return to recover this way of life that changed Europe in the middle of the Middle Ages.

   Catarism rescues the universal concept of goodness in the world. It implies the full conviction that life is possible without the language of evil. That is why the Cathars carry out an important work of diffusion of the true condition of man as to be kind and yather of peace. They proclaim a world in which the reconquest of goodness and purity is possible.

El fundador

John of St. Grail (Johann Bereslavskiy) was born in 1946 in the city of Moscow. He studied at the Instituto Superior de Lenguas Abroad "Maurica Taurez", from which he graduated in 1970. At that time he began his literary activity, beginning to publish his works in the late 1980s. He also studied at a music academy and at the "Chaikovsky" Conservatory in Moscow. He worked as a translator, interpreter and English teacher.
Founder of the new Catatar school with thousands of followers around the world. He received the "Albert Einstein" Peace Prize (2001), awarded with the cooperation of the International Association of Education Personalities for the World, the NGO, the UN, UNDPI, UNICEF, UNICED and UNESCO.

John of St. Grail is in constant contact with prominent representatives of intellectuality and with spiritual personalities of Christianity, Islam and Buddhism from several countries. Its circle of relationships extends to all social, cultural and spiritual spheres. He has organized hundreds of conferences and interviews around the world.

His fiery fervor for peace in the world and for human freedom inspires us to feed infinitely on the deep wisdom, which as a great thinker and intellectual of the 21st century, transmits to us.

Más sobre Juan de San Grial

John of St. Grail, has ease of access to the high wisdom of the masters of Sufism and Zen Buddhism. He is an excellent connoisseur and researcher of the sacred texts of the Judaic cycle (such as the Torah, the Talmud, the Misnah and the Perque Abot), the Bible, the apocryphal scriptures, the Old and New Testaments, the manuscripts and documents of antiquity , as well as the works of the mystics of the West and the hesicastes of the East, according to evidence his numerous work.

The path of Creativity of John of The Grail is inseparable from his spiritual quests. He wrote poems, belonged to the circle of Muscovites poets of the time and related to the young Voznesensky and Bela Ajmadulina. In his youth he wrote several novels, short stories and poems; as well as many advertising, theological and philosophical works. Soon, however, his spiritual aspirations made him break with literary bohemianism.

He is a very prolific writer of more than 700 books. As an author he works the genre of popular philosophical and artistic essay, historical history, mystical research, allegorical legend.

He is a musician, virtuous of the piano, his hands, together with the hands of Teo Leonov, seem born for it, interpreting masterfully classics such as Mozart, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky, managing to extract the essence of each piece, making us vibrate, feel the love that Own each of them and understand that which cannot be expressed in words.

He is an exceptional poet, his poetry is unique, in it is poured out all the wisdom, beauty, goodness, purity and harmony that the author possesses inside to share with the rest of the world.

In John of St. Grail remains the innocence of a child, the wisdom of a wise old man and the strength of a father whose heart fits thousands.

www.juangrial.com Read more about the founder of the new Cathar school

Los Castillos Cátaros

Los Castillos Cátaros

Cathar castles were masterpieces of another civilization. Its mystery lies in its unique architecture. The rooms, placed in a geometrically benevolent way, wonderfully transported the soul to another dimension, to the heavenly spheres with special airs and vibrations. The architecture of the castles is no less mysterious than that of the pyramids of Egypt. In them there are entrances to the bright living, to the good worlds beyond the limits. The perfect ones had esoteric maps that came from the ancient era of the Atlanteans, who went from one initiate to another. On the maps were marked the sacred capitals of the world, the pillars on which the Earth rests.

The scrolls contained instructions on the eternal places where the castles of the Grail were to be. They were places with unique architectural music, where the archetypes of wisdom, kindness and love were manifested.


The fortification of Montsegur was from the beginning of the thirteenth century refuge of perfect and good Cathar men. But in the wake of the persecutions, the number of perfect and initiates that arrived there escaped from the inquisitors grew. It eventually became the last but spiritually strongest Cathar community. A fortified enclosure, with a tower and numerous houses formed a Cathar village where entire families settled, in total they were about a thousand people. 

The siege of Montsegur lasted almost a year. Troops of the French royal army stormed the fortress several times, unsuccessfully. The end of the resistance came for a betrayal. But they did not betray their conscience, they did not break the promise never to answer evil with evil.


The center of Valencia is a welcoming space for all interested people, where the Cathar culture is known through books, music and art.


The community of Cartagena is a national meeting center where concerts, sewing workshops, cultural activities and presentation of the philosophy of life of the Qatars are held.


The newly formed community on the outskirts of Madrid is a weekly activity on Mondays and Wednesdays: talks, practices and presentation of Cathar life in different cultural spaces in the area.

The union of hearts, respect, humility, transparency, sincerity, harmony. All this manifests itself in Cathar fraternal life

We are selflessly building centers, communities and cultural meeting places for good people around the world. Our spaces invite the sharing of a new way of life on Earth.

What binds us most is the vision of the next as a kind being, you do not see the flaws, you do not judge, you help each other. We have very important values that unite us deeply in invisible bonds of unconditional love.

Fraternity is the supreme ideal on earth. Living in equal union, sincere and building eternal bonds, is the deep yearning of human beings.


The center of Barcelona hosts weekly activities of cat songs, talks, conferences and presentation of Cathar philosophy. We also collaborate with other cultural and local spaces in the area.


La Badosa de Baix is a farm located in the province of Girona, region of Alta Garr
otxa, an area as beautiful as it is mystical. It is in the phase of a rehabilitation project to become the first international Cathar center.

  Our goal and vision

The Cathar Absorption works tirelessly to establish the culture of goodness on earth

We seek and gather good people all over the world and in all spheres: political, scientific, business, cultural or local. We serve non-profit. We dedicate our lives to the service of goodness. We are a cultural movement for the bonhomization of humanity as the world goes to the opposite side; dehumanization and malevolence.

Historic and current Cathar Life

La Cultura de la Bondad

"The humanitarian work of the Cathars is based on the heart: goodness as a center of life and fraternal union. Goodness overcomes any evil and establishes peace."

Participa en la renovación del mundo y de la humanidad!